Christian Handyman Service Home Check Up

A new service being offered by Christian Handyman Service that will give you, peace of mind and/or make you aware of a potential problem or issue within your home, interior and exterior. I will visually and physically (*When applicable*) check 30+ items for proper operation, asthetics, function and possible needed repairs. I am NOT selling any work but instead offering a service to inform you of any potential issues that I detect or observe during the Christian Handyman Home Check Up. I will make recommendations, suggestions and upon request, I will perform the needed repairs and/or maintenance for you at a discounted price. These repairs will be discounted and may require a reschedule to come back to your home at a prescheduled time to complete repairs or maintenance you request.
I will be checking the following items:

  • 1). Check operation of interior, exterior lighting and switches.
  • 2). Check smoke detectors, visual only.
  • 2). Check under sinks in bath rooms, kitchen and utility rooms for possible issues.
  • 4). Check all aerators on faucets.
  • 5). Check for interior wall cracks and door operation.
  • 6). Test ceiling fans for proper operation and performance.
  • 7). Check garbage disposal operation.
  • 8). Check locks, door stops and handles on ALL doors for proper function.
  • 9). Check garage door and door opener for proper function.
  • 10). Check toilets for proper operation.
  • 11). Check attic door and seal.
  • 12). Check AC vents and filters.
  • 13). Check tubs and showers and condition of sealants.
  • 14). Check AC pan and overflow.
  • 15). Check exterior for wood rot damage and/or other types of damage.
  • 16). Check roof visually from ground level (*Single story only*) for loose flashing, shingles, etc.
  • 17). Check gutters, ground level only.
  • 18). Check sprinkler system cycle, if applicable.
  • 19). Check exterior windows and door.
  • 20). Check brick mortar and expansions joints where applicable.
  • 21). Check exterior door seals.
  • 22). Check fence and gates where applicable.
  • 23). Check soffits around exterior.
  • 24). Check outside hose bibbs and pipes.
  • 25). Check exterior screens.
  • 26). Check storm door or screen doors for function.
  • 27). Check exterior lighting.
  • 28). Check interior window locks and function.
  • 29). Check entire exterior oof home for weatherproofinh.
  • 30). Check fireplace inside of home visually.
  • 31). Conduct general observations and/or customer requested check of specific item.

    If you have any questions about this service, do not hesitate to contact me and we can talk.
    Bill 281-550-2999 or 832-693-6290 "Christian by choice, handyman by trade".

    *Vacant, rental, occupied and investors homes are welcome. Price of this service may vary depending on the size and/or the square footage of your home. A 10% discount may apply for senior citizens, military, teachers and law enforcement. This service is only being offered to homeowners, landlords, property managers and/or investors with homes located within the listed zip codes on this page, at this time.*

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